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I am Amanda, and I hope you will enjoy visiting my site and getting to know me and that ultimately, you will decide to indulge in an intimate evening together. 


 I'm 24 y.o, elegant, well educated lady with a university degree and a high profile professional career. While I have been successful at many endeavors in my life, I enjoy providing exclusive companionship to discerning gentlemen.      


I'm 170 cm/5'4", 58kg/120 lbs and measure a fit yet curvaceous 34B-24-33. I have red  hair and warm expressive brown eyes. Polish by birth and cosmoploitan by choice, I travelled extensively throughout the world. I love challenging conversations on many topics and have an easy going laugh that compliments my robust sense of humour. I can promise you that our intimate evening together will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.    


My passions are as many as my inspirations:   an evening in the opera or a nice jazz club is the perfect relaxation for me, followed by an exquisite dinner and vintage champagne.   I love all kinds of outdoor activities - skiing, tennis, swimming, travelling.   My other passion is literature. Since my childhood I’ve been reading two books per week ranging from novels, biographies and history through to Victorian erotica… especially when I am alone on a cold winter night! I love reading anything that stimulates my mind or body!  


I love life and men and am equally excited by both! I love men for so many different reasons. I genuinely believe in their superiority in certain areas. I believe in the good, old, traditional approach, that men should set the strategy, the goals, take care of the big picture, while women will work out the details.   I’m generally attracted to hard working, strategic minded men, who somehow still manage to have a balanced life, a broad horizon, and a passion about women…. Men, who are passionate lovers, and truly enjoying spoiling a mature-minded woman. I also genuinely believe that sexuality is one of our key drivers, and a major source for our happiness and well-being. I’ve always been very sexual myself, enjoying every moment of the time spent together with my lovers. I love passion, warmth, care, challenge, teasing and pleasing, playful seduction.    


My key values in life are freedom and a search for wisdom and inspiration…. Freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of choosing a life style and of course… freedom of love. Inspiration by people, places, events, and by thoughts. I strongly believe we are here to inspire each other. Genuine love and respect towards other people, learning something new and growing every day, exploring our boundaries and living on the edge, trying new things all the time, and keeping an open mind to the novelties of life and the exciting alternatives that it offers.  


I was often asked, why I have decided to offer escort services. My motivations are complex and have several layers, but most importantly, I am proud of being a modern age courtesan… a professional seducer and the object of desire.   Courtesans have historically been the predominant solution to the social dilemma created by male promiscuity. Courtesans were regarded as the guarantor and stabilizer of morality and matrimony in the rest of the society, and still are. The courtesans not only constituted the elite of their profession, they were also considered the leaders among all women. Wifes and girls from prosperous homes lived in obscure seclusion, while courtesans attended theatrical performances, joined public processions, and some made their mark in politics. They received their clients at elegant dinners, indulging in philosophy, wit, flirting and sex. They were always sexually and mentally liberated. Just think about Phryne of Greece, Veronica Franco, or Nana. I’m sure that there is still a lot to improve in the 21st century and I want to be one these leading women.  


I do enjoy a special connection and an emotional touch that might occur during our meeting. It is not a “service” situation so much as an affectionate human bond that is formed between me and you. If you are searching for that type of connection, needing to be refilled and enhanced emotionally, I will be your friend, your lover and your guide!  I would like to be your perfect companion for any occasion - for any social gathering or an intimate ancounter.


You can be sure, that I will be dressed with style suitable for any occasion. I prefer to dress in a smart casual and elegant style. I feel that I look my best in high heels and black. I prefer understated elegance, with perfect cuts and superior quality fabrics. I’m passionate about luxurious lingerie, always matched to the occasion.


My preference is for black in the winter and very bright colours in the summer. I love Italian Lingerie (La Perla) and French designs, for their refined and highly sensual elegance. I love wearing stockings and G-strings with stilettos, or that perfect little black dress with nothing underneath. I generally prefer a very light makeup.My dress size is 10, with nice natural breasts… I am always happy to consider any special request from you for my dress style. 


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